"Although I approached this conference with some skepticism, it has truly enhanced my ability to interact with difficult people without losing sight of my own goals."
Vice President Fortune 500 Private Bank
"As the only lawyer and only Black female on our senior executive team, this conference helped me adapt my leadership style to the different people, circumstances and teams with whom I work."
Associate General Counsel & Director of Legal Affairs Monster Worldwide, Inc
"The day I returned... I was in a situation with a frustrated and angry co-worker... I quickly diffused the situation using skills I learned at the conference..."
Management Leadership for Tomorrow Participant, 2004
"As an Asian Muslim, cross-cultural issues crop up in my work life all the time. I learned to use them to strengthen relationships and enhance my own success instead of avoiding."
Entrepreneur and Business Owner
"I worried that Iíd get attacked... as a straight white male. That didnít happen. Two years later Iím still grateful for the skills that help me keep things productive when conflicts arise with colleagues, supervisors, and even clients."
Mental Health Professional