What We Offer
Enhancing team success where interpersonal meets intercultural.

Imagine that good people skills are a neighborhood. If you have the skills, you know the layout of streets; you recognize the landmarks. However, culture and group dynamics make communications more complex. If you aren’t seeing what’s around the corner, or if you miss that you're yelling across the road, words will get garbled and you will get lost!

The general solutions to sticking, sinking and missing (pitfalls) are simple. If your view is partial, stop to look around. If lost, get closer so that no one has to shout. To implement these deceptively simple solutions, we offer:

* Intercultural Training: We offer a common map of pitfalls, and practice in overcoming them to develop the emotional memory as well as intellect.

* Team Effectiveness Workshops: We offer skills to manage problematic group dynamics like scapegoating, factionalism, groupthink, etc.

* Talking Culture: Our product for healthcare professionals.

* Effective Influence: A 5-day, residential "deep dive" for managers and executives. Go to 2012 Conference. Click to learn about our training philosophy or read an anecdote.